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Stacey H

About Dom

Dom & Heather

Independent Pruvit Promoters

Dom discovered Pure Therapeutic Ketones in August of 2015 after a friend told him " I think I found something to help you feel better". Dom got his hands on some and after his first serving, he was a believer.  Dom started having more energy, less pain, a better mood, fewer headaches, and started dropping pant sizes after starting KetoOS by Pruvit.

Heather is a HUGE advocate of ketones, as she has experienced fat loss and less joint pain by simply drinking Keto NAT. Heather is the former Director of Operations for Pruvit and has seen first hand how this product has helped people around the world. 

Heather has partnered with Dom to help as many people as possible to build their Pruvit business together. Dom and Heather help guide and coach others to success utilizing Keto OS NAT.